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Modified July 14, 1995

Welcome to Cyberspace Today! This is the World Wide Web site for the monthly free newspaper that is California's source for News and Happenings in the On-Line world,. Editorial offices are located in San Francisco and our WWW server, provided by LanMinds, is in Berkeley.

The Cyberspace Today Index to California Government Information is now on-line! We have put together all the e-mail addresses for every elected official in the Bay Area in one convenient place.

Check out our new forms to request to be a distribution site or to request to be added to our ISP database.

Issue #4 hits the streets

San Francisco (June 22) - Look for Cyberspace Today in the greater San Francisco Bay Area at your local bookstore, coffee shop, computer store and public library. If you can't find this fine piece of literature in your usual environs then send e-mail with your prefered pickup locations to vern@cybertoday.com. We'll take note and send you information on distribution spots in your area.

This month's features include an investigative report by Andrew Leonard into if the government's investment in industrial policy is Smart Money. Alongside that is Vern Keenan's report on the Anatomy of a Web Site.

Over 280 ISPs On-Line

Cyberspace Today is proud to present over 280 Internet Service Providers located mainly West of the Rockies in North America. Please check out our easy-to-use Web site and let us know if it's a helpful guide to picking a service provider.

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